Shakti FAQs.

What is a Shakti mat?
Shakti mats are based on an ancient practice of acupressure, similar to that of a bed of nails. They are made up of thousands of sharp, durable plastic spikes.
The spikes provide pressure which promotes the relief of tension, increases blood flow and affects our pain pathways.

Will it hurt?
In short – yes.
As mentioned, the spikes are sharp – sharp enough to produce the desired effect, but not enough to cause harm.
There are multiple ways/techniques of letting your body gradually acclimatise to the mat, for example – starting with a t-shirt or socks on.
However, once you are used to them while the initial minute or so may be uncomfortable, your body will adapt and you will be able to lie there for 15-20 minutes with ease.

Who are the Shakti mats suitable for?
Everyone can benefit from the regular use of a Shakti mat.
Whether you have an injury or not, these are a great self-care tool, that, when used in conjunction with physical exercise, can have excellent physical and mental health benefits.
Plus – they are prescription free!

What are the benefits of Shakti mats?
– Relieve stress
– Pain relief
– Relieve tension
– Relieve headaches
– Help with insomnia
– Help with digestion
– Help with respiratory issues
– Release endorphins
– Release serotonin

How long should I lie on it for?
– Beginner – 10 min (or as much as you can tolerate to begin with)
– Ideal – 15-20min
– Experienced – 20min +

Is it bad if I fall asleep on my Shakti?
No – you will wake up with a few dents from the spikes on your back but there will be no harmful effect otherwise.